About Us




After spending many years working in the fashion industry, Alexandria McLeod is proud to announce her own collection of pajamas, three j. She named the line after her siblings—sister Jamie, and brothers Jeff and John—because despite their individual dreams and occupations, all three provide a constant sense of support and inspiration to everything she does.

Alexandria (Ali) McLeod grew up in Canada, but moved to Virginia when she was in high school. After receiving her bachelor degree in marketing and management, she moved to New York City and spent ten years working in luxury children’s fashion, where her passion for quality and style grew more defined. Even though she loved children’s clothing, she always dreamed of creating her own beautiful, original line of sleepwear, and continued working on her vision for three j in the back of her mind as she gained confidence and experience in the fashion world.

Pajamas were a big part of Ali's childhood. Whether it was the smell of shampoo on her and her siblings' freshly washed hair after a bath, playing in footed pajamas before bed, or waking up on weekend mornings to pancakes piled high with whipped cream, maple syrup and fresh strawberries (her mother's specialty), many of her most favorite childhood memories take place in pajamas.

And while they no longer zip up to her chin, she still loves a beautiful pair of pajamas, especially lounging on a lazy morning, enjoying a good cup of coffee.


Special Thanks

I owe a huge thanks to my parents for their support and entrepreneurial inspiration. They worked tirelessly to create a better life for our family- which included four kids born within five years- and somehow managed to create a fun, camp-like home for us to grow up in. Those childhood memories are a constant reminder of what I cherish most.

I am eternally grateful to my husband Michael. Without his and his family's incredible support and faith in my abilities, three j might still be a dream and not our new reality.